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The Nonprofit Consulting Firm When You’re Ready to Envision the Future


EV Strategic Partners isn’t your traditional consulting firm. We’re made up of nonprofit professionals with a deep understanding of the nonprofit space, ready to help with crucial areas like revenue generation, funder relationships, program development, and governance. We also aim to be more than fundraisers-for-hire or outsourced insight—we’re strategic partners. 

EV Strategic Partners help nonprofits operate more effectively. We see our services as more than the sum of advice and insight given, years of experience, or challenges expertly surpassed. We make space to intentionally plan and create clear, actionable steps for your organization’s success. 

Our process and approach make us allies in our client’s work because we believe the world urgently needs your mission to succeed.

How Could EV Strategic Partners Serve You?


We empower organizations to fine-tune programs, deliver impact, and sustain their vital services. EV Strategic Partners go deep with clients ready to reassess, refine, and reinvigorate your work. 


Contact us to discuss how we help your organization with our tailored service offerings:


  • Strategic Planning

  • Technology Planning, Support, and Training

  • System Development/Process Improvement

  • Fund Development and Research

  • Donor Database Software Advising

  • Program Development

  • Donor Communications

  • Events Management



James Ellis

James Ellis


Frameworks of cooperation and collaboration are iterative. How we organize, how we communicate, how we grow and scale businesses and nonprofits—these are the questions and the projects that drive my work as an operator and consultant. From corporate sustainability to strategic planning, I have held senior positions for government agencies, nonprofits, startups, and middle market companies. My focus? Connecting people and systems and promoting environments that are supportive, profitable, and built for scale.

James has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a Master of Public Administration degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He lives in Portland, OR with his partner Tera, daughter Julia, and one very rambunctious puppy, Rita.

Carrie Penkman

Carrie Penkman

Carrie has a background in arts administration, nonprofit administration and events management. She has a double major in Music and Communications from Hope College in Holland, Michigan. After college, she moved to Liverpool, England where she lived, studied and worked from 2011 until 2016. While in the UK, Carrie attained a Masters in Music Industry Studies from the University of Liverpool and a Masters in International Events Management from Salford University.  

From 2016-2022, Carrie worked as a program coordinator, office & marketing manager for nonprofit symphonies, choirs and chamber orchestras in Western Washington. She is currently the Development Associate for Youth Music Project, a nonprofit music school in West Linn, Oregon specializing in rock, pop and country music education. 

Carrie lives in Vancouver, WA with her husband Michael, son Connor, dog Misty, and cats Lars and Arno.

Brandi Jones

Brandi Jones

Brandi's approach to business development is rooted in a deep understanding of market dynamics and the ever-evolving business landscape. She stays abreast of the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices, ensuring that her clients receive cutting-edge insights and strategies. By leveraging her extensive network of industry connections, Brandi fosters collaborations and partnerships that open new doors of opportunity for her clients.


As a trusted advisor, Brandi works closely with her clients to identify their unique challenges and goals. She believes in a collaborative and holistic approach, taking the time to listen, analyze, and develop customized solutions that align with each client's specific needs. Whether it's devising marketing strategies, enhancing operational efficiencies, or fostering innovation, Brandi's expertise spans across various aspects of business development.

Sophie McMillian

Sophie McMillian

Sophie McMillian brings more than a decade of nonprofit management and grant making experience to the EV Team. As a strategic action-oriented leader rooted in community, her focus is creating innovative solutions to support large increases in participation in giving & volunteering programs. Her commitment to reducing systemic inequities continuously leads her to seek opportunities & partnerships to drive authentic change through community action.

She also co-leads the Blue Cross NC LGBTQ+A Employee Network, including the launch of a company-wide LGBTQ+ Community Advisory Council that provides insights via lived experience to business solutions.

Outside the office, you can often find her outside somewhere on a kayak, bike or hike, traveling adventures, and spending time with her wife, kiddos, and chosen family.

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