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Navigating the Storm: Nonprofits Amidst Anti-DEI Legislation

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has become a sensitive topic, and depending on where you work and who is watching could mean the difference between you paying rent or not.

The University of Texas is making headlines for axing DEI. This month 60 employees were laid off in Austin, Texas but the blood didn’t stop there. Branch 2 of this university supposedly has 20 more staffers on the chopping block.

What did these employees have in common and why did they become a target?

They were all DEI hires...

...and now under the new law, Texas Senate Bill 17, public universities and colleges are prohibited from hosting DEI programs and activities and having DEI offices. Violating this new law comes with a high price tag. Putting millions of dollars at risk for schools to continue upholding DEI standards.*

What Does This Mean For Nonprofits?

The political landscape we once knew is rapidly changing as the turf war on DEI ensues with new litigation taking up arms. Texas is far from the only state feeling the pressure to conform.

Even back in 2023, the torches and pitchforks were being taken up against nonprofits. The American Alliance for Equal Rights targeted several nonprofits across the US that are dedicated to awarding grants to DEI-qualified individuals and businesses.**

This means potential danger for philanthropic and nonprofits holding the line against the new DEI. 

Many are finding themselves having to weigh the risks of upholding the standards of diversity, equity, and inclusion that they have always upheld and the risk of opening the door to litigation. 

This also means funding could become an uphill battle.

What Can Nonprofits Do?

Right now many of us are watching and waiting to see how the latest legal cases unfold. This is the time when being proactive is a priceless commodity.

Enlisting the help of an expert nonprofit consulting firm like EV Strategic Partners, to assist them in reevaluating current programs and policies that could put them at risk if the anti-DEI movement continues down this rabbit hole. A task that can mean all the difference to your organization, staff, and donors.

But assisting the nonprofit offense game isn’t the only tool in James Ellis, the managing partner at EV Strategic Partners’, tool belt.

James can further alleviate the burden, lightening the weight on your shoulders. Streamlining your operation with tailored strategic planning, fund development & research, donor communications, and program development all of which are now more important than ever.

Reach out to EV Strategic Partners to discover how their unwavering commitment to empowering nonprofits can support your organization's growth and success.

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