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I’ll Tell You What CRM Your Nonprofit Needs

If the ROI of your nonprofit's customer relations management (CRM) software just isn't where it needs to be, do you need a new CRM? If not, why isn't your current CRM working?

Has the departure of your data manager whiz left your team cold on that persnickety CRM? Do your donor officers struggle with creating reports or pulling lists? Does your CRM cost too much money? Perhaps you're about to invest in new enterprise software or marketing tech that doesn't play nicely with your CRM.  

If you're reading this article, you may suffer from techno-colored nightmares of decision fatigue

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You've probably sought the advice everywhere you could. Reviews that compare CRMs are packed with helpful information and links to learn more, and they can also be overwhelming. What good is all that information about the popular and robust Salesforce or Little Green Light if you're unsure which option will help your nonprofit get where it needs to go?

If your nonprofit needs a new CRM but you don't know where to start, you've scoured the internet, asked your other nonprofit CEO friends, and read blogs about leveraging technology

Wouldn't it be dreamy if someone could tell you what to do? EV Strategic Partners can help.

You Need the CRM Recommendation From a Strategic Nonprofit Consulting Firm

James Ellis once told me that nonprofit consultants sometimes bring about positive outcomes for their clients by being the ones to blame when the path to fundraising success is unclear, especially during an economic downturn, a reputational setback, or a leadership change.

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More than G2 or Capterra reviews of the best nonprofit CRM, a nonprofit consultant will learn your organization's goals, culture, and operational strengths and weaknesses. Your nonprofit's dream CRM won't come down from the cloud but from a brass-tacks evaluation of how information flows through your organization. A nonprofit consulting firm culls the data for its recommendations from within your organization.  

Ultimately, the decision is your nonprofit CEO or whomever they designate. So, you can't blame an online tech review for your bad choices. Let's not blame the nonprofit consultant, but we know it happens. 

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Find respite in a nonprofit consultant who'll:

  • Make the ROI comparisons for you. 

  • Know what CRM your competitors use and why.

  • Set you up with a tech implementation roadmap. 

  • Lead change management coaching for your managers and staff.

So, with a lot of data, experience, knowledge, and optimism, your consultant will reduce your decision fatigue by clarifying what CRM you should choose and why. Doesn't that sound dreamy? 

Contact EV Strategic Partners today for fundraising technology that works for your organization.

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